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Big Kill Share New Single “Fat Lip” Feat. DEBBY FRIDAY

Destructive pop and production duo Big Kill, AKA Cayne Mckenzie and Andrew Huculiak, are quickly establishing themselves as ones to watch. A little rough around the edges, They have an edgy, genre-defying sound that combines experimental electronic with hyper-pop culminating in something considerably unique. Citing a vast range of influences, the duo draw from commercial pop to Eurodance, creating a sound that transcends labels and while they might be new to the scene, they certainly know their stuff. As producers, Mckenzie and Huculiak’s early credits include their work on hyper-pop darling DEBBY FRIDAY’s latest Pitchfork-approved single “Runnin” as well as several more works in progress. 

Risen from the ashes of Canadian prog rock band We Are The City – whose fourth and final album RIP was released in January 2020 – Big Kill aims to take a new approach to releasing music, focusing less on album cycles and more on individual songs. “Big Kill represents a forceful push into a philosophical, online, oppositional, inclusive, empathetic, self-empowered communist utopia driven by the internet,” muses band member Andrew Huculiak. “In our present, Big Kill is the antithesis of toxic masculinity and fear of self expression. We’d like to present a healthy male friendship that’s deep and playful and vulnerable as an example for other people like us. And hopefully, those not like us will find amusement and power in the exploration. In a world of identity groupings, it feels good to be frank with where we see ourselves and what our experience is, not telling any story but ours, with as little regard as possible to the social consequence.” 

The duo have now dropped their brand new single in collaboration with DEBBY FRIDAY called “Fat Lip” – and it’s an instant hyper-pop banger. The song combines hyper-experimental art pop motifs with the band’s truly unique synth-based electronic production style to create an explosive sonic experience that feels like it should be pulsing from the depths of some underground rave in Berlin. Packed to the brim with off-kilter melodic hooks and dramatic dynamics, the track flexes the duo’s production chops and highlights DEBBY FRIDAY’s expressive vocals. An absolute rager, “Fat Lip” is just the beginning for Big Kill, who will drop their next single on New Year’s Eve, before beginning and sharing an entirely different era of music in the new year. Keep an eye out for Big Kill – they’re doing some seriously cutting-edge stuff.

Give “Fat Lip” a listen below and for more information on Big Kill, visit their website, give their page a like on Facebook or follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Header photo credit: Mackenzie Walker.

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