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Jimmy Kimmel Spots The Moment ‘Desperate’ Trump Was Triggered By A Onetime Ally

Count Jimmy Kimmel among the many who spotted what may be a growing feud within the Republican Party: Donald Trump vs. Ron DeSantis.

Trump this week slammed “gutless” Republicans who won’t admit they got a booster shot to protect against COVID-19.

He didn’t name anyone, but Kimmel spotted a clip of Florida Gov. DeSantis from last month hemming and hawing when asked about it.

“You know that makes Trump crazy,” the late-night host said, noting that Trump “desperately wants credit” for the vaccine developed during his administration’s Operation Warp Speed initiative.

“He should want credit,” Kimmel said. “But the dummies who follow him booed him when he said he got the vaccine.”

DeSantis, a onetime Trump ally who may run against him for the Republican nomination in 2024, wants to have it both ways.

“He obviously got the booster,” Kimmel said. “But he doesn’t want to admit he got it, which makes Trump, who did get it, look like a wus to the gators-and-chewing-tobacco crowd.”

See more in his Wednesday night monologue:

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