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This guy was so certain he wasn’t going to die of COVID, but COVID had other plans


We have a goal! A worthy goal. So what, oh what could we do to mitigate the chances of dying from COVID? 

a. Ivermectin

b. Vitamins and supplements

c. Refusing to wear a mask

d. Drinking bleach and shoving a black light up your behind 



Get your flu shot. Wash your hands. Cover your face when sneezing. I mean, “the media” has always talked about how to prevent infectious diseases from spreading. Did this guy walk out of public bathrooms without washing his hands? (Well yeah, probably.)


This guy: THE FLU KILLS 650,000 PEOPLE.

Also this guy: Natural immunity is infallible.


What are three things that benefit COVID?

Facebook, Donald Trump, and Republicans.

Seriously, they have the power to stop this thing if they wanted to, and if they truly believed it benefited Democrats. And if hospitals loved COVID so much, they wouldn’t be begging people to vaccinate. 


Most military people were smart enough to jab. But the vaccination mandate did help the military purge itself of some of its worst deplorables. That was an unexpected silver lining.  


Omicron was just minding its own business, and then … challenge accepted.


Maybe he should’ve given a shit, especially since he had comorbidities! 


He was in the hospital with pneumonia and then caught COVID. It was just there, incidentally, on the side, no big deal. Really, not the reason he was in the hospital at all. It was pneumonia. Not the other way around. So he can still have that headstone he always wanted. 

Well, it turns out that “natural immunity” wasn’t so free after all, given the medical and funeral expenses the family must now bear. You know what was free? The vaccine that would’ve most likely saved his life. 

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