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Batgirl Suit Incoming! Actress Leslie Grace Reveals Her Superheroine Suit!

People love to complain about everything. When actress Leslie Grace revealed the first look at her Batgirl suit on her Instagram page, some fans complained that it was too “CW looking.” Get a grip, people. The Batgirl suit is very comic accurate, so we don’t understand why people are choosing to complain. Also, it’s fine if you don’t like the CW shows, but don’t go around bashing it for those who do.

Anyway, we love the Batgirl suit, and we’re not saying it as an Arrowverse fan. We’ve seen images of the comic Batgirl suit. We’ve compared it to the live-action version, and it looks similar. The costume mightn’t be extravagant, but who cares? If you want bad comic book outfits, try Googling comic panels of the early costumes for She-Hulk in Marvel Comics.

Going back to the Batgirl suit, and from set photos we’ve seen, it looks like Barbara will not have permanent red hair. We could be wrong, but there have been pictures of Leslie Grace with brunette hair, indicating she’s wearing a wig. This could be similar to Batwoman, had in Season 1 with Ruby Rose’s Batwoman. When she had the cowl on, there was a vivid red wig to prevent the public from catching on to her true identity.

Batgirl Film News on Twitter posted photos of Leslie with brunette hair, as we mentioned above. Ultimately, this does allow for another theory. Barbara could dye her hair to red, or the brunette hair could be the wig. Whatever the case, we’re looking forward to the first trailer, and eventually the film. We’ve wanted to see a solo Batgirl movie for so long, this film is overdue on so many levels. Also, Brendan Fraser as the villain? Oh, yes please!

Here’s the Batgirl suit, courtesy of Leslie Grace.

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