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Doctors In Distress As No Quarantine Isolation Allowed After Treating In COVID Wards

Video Producer: Varsha Rani
Video Editor:
Abhishek Sharma
Chetan Bhakuni and Namita Chauhan

We are resident doctors at Lok Nayak Hospital and we want to inform that as per the new guidelines by the Union Health Ministry released on 9 January, regular quarantine of healthcare workers after performing duty in COVID-19 areas is not warranted.

Having no quarantine for a resident doctor who has worked in the COVID facility for a duration of two weeks is very absurd. Because this virus has an infectivity rate that is higher than the Delta variant, which was so notorious in the second wave.

This puts doctors like me at high risk of catching the virus. We might contract this virus even with all protective equipment in place. Even after contracting this virus, they are not taking into account the basic nature of the disease.

There is a window or a latent period during which the virus will multiply and will cause symptoms after you have contracted the virus. There is a latency of around 24 to 72 hours.

Many healthcare workers have lost family members and their families are just too afraid. We are putting at risk people who have been trying to not ​get infected by taking all protective measures.

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