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5 Best Cricket Bats In India In 2022

Many people used to think that the best cricketers can play with any bat. But that isn’t true! Bats must be made of high-quality wood or other materials.

The best cricket bats must be light-weighted to handle. Simultaneously, they also should be powerful enough to hit the ball hard.

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Keep reading this article if you want to know the 5 best cricket bats in India in 2022!

List of Top 5 Best Cricket Bats In India 2022

Rank Best Cricket Bats Wood Weight (kg)
1 New balance BURN Kashmir Willow 1.20 – 1.25 kg
2 SG Cobra Xtreme English Willow 1.18 – 1.19 kg
3 New Balance CW DC 480 Kashmir Willow 1.20 – 1.28 kg
4 SG Scorer Classic Kashmir Willow 1.10 kg
5 Spartan MSD edition English Willow 1.10 – 1.25 kg

1. New balance BURN

New Balance Burn is the best cricket bat for hard tennis balls in India. It is the greatest cricket bat for hard tennis balls, however it can also be used for leather ball cricket if your budget is limited.

There is no doubt about the quality of this bat. A fantastic value for money. It has a Singapore Cane Handle that aids in maintaining a firm grip.

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This bat has a nice sweet spot after the knocking is done correctly. It is also one of the world’s best cricket bats.

2. SG Cobra Xtreme

The SG Cobra Xtreme is light in weight, has good strokes, superb balance, and thick edges. Although you should proceed with caution at first.

Make sure the knocking is done correctly to avoid damaging the bat too soon. Another advantage is that the bat’s oiling has already been completed.

3. New Balance CW DC 480

The CW DC 480 from New Balance has a fantastic overall finish. This comes as no surprise given NB’s reputation for producing high-quality goods. And this one isn’t any different in terms of quality.

It’s also well-balanced in terms of weight. This bat could be a fantastic buy for someone just getting started in professional cricket.

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4. SG Scorer Classic

In comparison to other Kashmir Willow, SG’s Scorer Classic weighs less than what it should. It has a smooth texture and a sophisticated appearance thanks to the grain facing bat tape.

The strokes are smooth, and the bat has been greased. It does, however, require knocking before usage.

5. Spartan MSD edition

The Classic Carribean design is featured on the Spartan MSD edition. It comes with a one-year warranty and is highly recommended by MSD.

This bat has a great rubber grip and a toe guard.  Unquestionably one of the finest cricket bats ever made.

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