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Working-class champion Lauren Boebert is a horrible boss, say ex-employees

Indeed, like Trump, Boebert pitches herself as a bootstrapping political outsider. On her website, in her speeches, and on the campaign trail, she touts herself as a Chamber of Commerce champion of the working class. “I’m a mom, I’m a business owner, I’m an ordinary average citizen just like all of you,” she said upon winning the congressional seat in 2020, “and we’re tired of politicians.” Boebert has said her rise to Congress is tantamount to “living the American dream,” an uplift that will “keep radical socialists out of government so that people can be empowered to lift themselves out of poverty.”

But a close look at Boebert’s past reveals cracks in the narrative she’s built. And for several people who worked at her restaurant and know her personally, Boebert’s American dream has been more like a “nightmare.”

Oh, now that sounds interesting. Tell me more, disgruntled Shooters employees!

In fact, five former Shooters employees tell me that Boebert frequently failed to pay her employees on time. (Two of the former workers wished to remain anonymous because they feared retaliation; another did not want to be named and publicly associated with Boebert.) “The second the restaurant blew up, her head blew up, and it became something entirely different,” one former waitress says. “And I got to meet a new version of her that is a monster.”

You mean beta Boebert wasn’t yet a monster? Couldn’t they find an Abby Normal brain that fit inside that head?

“Multiple” employees also told Mother Jones that they were paid in cash without any taxes being deducted, and that she was often nowhere to be found—unless news crews happened to be on the scene. 

The Daily Kos Elections Team talks about how the MAGA civil war might be hurting the GOP in races across the country on The Downballot podcast.

She could also be a selfish and mean boss. While many of her employees struggled financially, Boebert allegedly spent “exorbitant sums” on breast implants, private school tuition for her kids, and a new Cadillac Escalade. She also reportedly flashed an imperious side that belied her woman-of-the-people image.

According to one former employee, “If she would come into the restaurant, everyone just knew we were just gonna have a bad day, because she would just walk around and nitpick.”

And while Boebert has always touted responsible gun ownership, one employee noted that even the emphasis she placed on gun safety was B.S. The employee told Mother Jones that Boebert once pointed a loaded gun at him when he said he would have voted for President Barack Obama in 2016 if he’d been eligible to run. “She would tell it like a joke,” he said. “She thought it was hilarious.”

Meanwhile, some of Boebert’s employees remain just as perplexed by her electoral success as the rest of us.

“It blows my mind she was able to get elected,” one worker said. “I’m just disillusioned with the entire system.”

And Josh Boyington, a former cook at Shooters, flat out said she shouldn’t be in Congress. “She’s an easy person to love if you don’t know her,” he said. “It’s just, once you get to know her, you just don’t love her.”

You mean she’s actually worse than she appears from a distance? Sweet Tina Yothers, that is vexing. I might even say it’s beyond the pale, but as we all know, nothing on God’s green globule is whiter than Lauren Boebert. 

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