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Mac Miller Drug Dealer Handed 17-Year Sentence for Distributing Fentanyl

Stephen Walter, one of the three men charged in the overdose death of Mac Miller, has received a 17.5-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to federal charges of distribution of fentanyl, reports Rolling Stone.

The sentence came after US District Judge Otis D. Wright, II rejected a plea agreement that Walter struck with federal prosecutors in October 2021 for a flat 17-year sentence. Since prosecutors claimed Walter continued to sell cocaine and counterfeit oxycodone pills even after Miller’s untimely passing, Judge Wright said he couldn’t accept the deal’s terms.

“The court has elected not to accept that plea agreement. So, sir, if you want, at this point, you can withdraw your guilty plea and go to trial,” Judge Wright said. “I may as well lay it out, okay. When you continue to engage in this activity even after your activities killed someone, I’m having a tough time not staying within the guidelines.”

Walter agreed to the higher sentence and became the second dealer convicted for Miller’s death. Ryan Michael Reavis was sentenced to 10 years and 11 months in prison last month. As part of Walter’s guilty plea, he agreed that he “knowingly and intentionally directed” Reavis to distribute fentanyl in the form of counterfeit oxycodone pills to Cameron James Pettit.

Reavis was Walter’s runner and Pettit was the dealer who eventually delivered the pills that partially resulted in Miller’s death from an overdose of fentanyl in combination with cocaine and alcohol on September 7th, 2018. The case against Pettit remains pending.

In October of last year, Miller’s 2014 mixtape Faces was brought to streaming services and released on vinyl for the first time. On the same day it was re-released, Young Thug also shared the posthumous collaboration “Day Before,” which was recorded the day before Miller’s death.

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