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Elon Musk Destroys Twitter CEO with a Simple Emoji in Response to His Comments about Spam on Twitter

After recent tweets by the prospective owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, Parag Agrawal decided to create some responses for Musk. 

We reported how Elon Musk, the potential future owner of Twitter, tweeted out about the bots on Twitter over the weekend.

“You Are Being Manipulated by the Algorithm in Ways You Don’t Realize” – Elon Musk Destroys Twitter’s Algorithms in Recent Tweets

In response, Parag Agrawal decided to respond to Musk’s remarks.  He started by agreeing that spam harms Twitter.

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He then said that spam is dynamic and hard to catch.

Some of the spam can lool legit.  Really…

There is spam by the Twitter team tries to stop it…

Then Twitter makes a determination of each account.  (Determination to censor conservatives?)

Our actual internal estimates

Agrawal appears like he really cares about the subject. (whatever)

Agrawal offers more info on how to look at Twitters efforts (to censor conservatives).

Elon Musk responded to CEO’s Parag Agrawal’s tweets with a simple response. (BS)

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