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Kashmiri Pandits Threaten To Second Exodus After Sudden Civilian Killings

The movie ‘Kashmir Files’ might just have shown a part of their plight, but the state in which Kashmiri Pandits continue to live is still a reality. Recent spate of killings of civilians has prompted many to take to streets and protest against these senseless killings.

Kashmiri Pandits are now seeking safety and threatening of mass exodus, unless the administration did anything concrete to resolve the conflict. The ones to have lost their lives were primarily from the teaching fraternity. Now, teachers have taken to the streets and threatening to leave the valley, unless the government could guarantee their safety.

Most of them were recruited under the Prime Minister’s rehabilitation package. About 4,000 Kashmiri Pandits are employed under the prime minister’s package. Protests calling for relocation had gained momentum after Rahul Bhat, a Kashmiri Pandit, was shot dead in his office in the Chadoora area of Budgam district on May 12.

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Another Hindu teacher from Jammu’s Samba district was shot dead right outside her school recently, sending quivers of fear amongst staff members. A leading Indian newspaper has reported atleast 16 targeted killings, since jaunary 2022, including those of police officials, teachers and village heads.

Mass migration happened in the 80s when sudden brainwash of fellow Muslim folks led to mass killing of Kashmiri Pandits in various parts of Jammu & Kashmir. The protestor said that a delegation of Kashmiri Pandits had earlier met Lieutenant Governor Manoj Singh and sought his help for relocation.

“We are asking for temporary relocation for two to three years till situation in the Valley returns to normal,” the protestor added. “It is the same time frame put by IGP [Inspector General of Police] Kashmir for making Kashmir militancy free.”

Kashmiri Pandits shouted slogans such as “only solution, relocation”, “down with administration”, “let the minorities live” and “we want justice” while marching on the roads in the Valley.

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