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‘KK Could’ve Been Saved if CPR Was Given Sooner’: Autopsy Doctor

The medical practitioner told PTI, that the artist “had a massive blockage in his left coronary artery, as well as several other minor blockages in various other parts of his sub-arteries. The restriction caused in the blood flow due to immoderate exhilaration during the live concert led to a cardiac arrest that cost him his life”.

The musician’s left major coronary artery was 80 percent blocked, with mild blockages in other arteries and sub-arteries. None of the blockages were 100 percent, as per the autopsy doctor.

The autopsy also mentioned that the vocalist was on antacids “possibly due to some pain that he had mistaken for intestinal problems.” An officer confirmed that the singer’s wife said he used to take a lot of antacids.

KK also talked to his wife about pain in his arms and shoulders. The post-mortem examination indicated that the singer died because of a cardiac attack after his last performance in Kolkata.

The police have opened an investigation into a case of unnatural death.

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