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Stoner Rock Favorites NEBULA Release New Single “Highwired”

The early word on the street from those that know is that Nebula’s forthcoming LP Transmission from Mothership Earth a serious jam, and wigs are gonna flip like mad once it’s released July 22 from Heavy Psych Sounds. But you don’t need some trendy street buzz to know that, all you have to do is just listen to the new single “Highwired” and you know an album’s worth of heavy fuzz and killer riffs like that isn’t just coming to bogart the joint, it’s coming for some skulls, baby.

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Nebula’s 2019 offering, Holy Shit, was pure early 70s metal worship mixed with swirling wah-wah, a whole lot of ominous chug, and gritty, distorted vocals, like early Judas Priest meets the post-punk sounds of Joy Division and Gang of Four. Recorded over six months in the Mojave Desert, Transmission from Mothership Earth will feature 8 tracks recorded and produced by the band. Boasting groove for days and monstrous riffs, it’s another stoner rock gem from these eternal heavy riff mainstays.

Earlier this year, Heavy Psych Sounds reissued two Nebula LPs: Atomic Ritual (2003) and Apollo (2006). Now another reissue, Heavy Psych (2009), will be released the same day as Transmission from Mother Earth, and pre-sales for both are available here.

With ties to Fu Manchu, Nebula released their first LP, To The Center, in 1999 on Sub Pop Records. Sub Pop would release the band’s follow up LP, Charged, in 2001. Currently, Nebula consists of founder Eddie Glass on guitar and vocals, Tom Davies on bass, and Michael Amster on drums. In 2010, the band went on an indefinite hiatus before reuniting in 2017 for Holy Shit. You can check out more information from Nebula by visiting their website, or you can visit the Heavy Psych Sounds site by clicking here.

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