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Lauren Graham, Peter Krause Announce Split After More Than 10 Years Together

Actors Lauren Graham and Peter Krause have announced that they split up last year after more than a decade together.

Graham’s rep confirmed the breakup to, saying the “Gilmore Girls” star and “Six Feet Under” star “quietly ended their relationship last year.”

The couple had a long history as friends before romance bloomed, having met while on the set of the NBC sitcom “Caroline in the City” in 1995.

But they didn’t actually start dating until 2010, when they played brother and sister on the NBC series “Parenthood.”

Graham told reporters back in 2010 that the relationship was “so fun” and “so easy,” but said timing and shyness kept them from connecting when they met in the 1990s.

“I think we liked each other [but] he asked me over to his house to play a board game ― and that’s exactly what we ended up doing,” she said. “So I was like, ‘This guy doesn’t like me. Who actually plays a board game?’ The timing wasn’t right. I don t think either of us was ready.”

The relationship may have been frayed by COVID-19 concerns, based on what Graham told Ellen DeGeneres back in April 2021.

At the time, she was working on the Disney+ series “The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers,” which was shot in Vancouver.

“Normally that’s a two-hour flight and you come home on the weekends, but I couldn’t do that. So we were separated for almost five months, which had never happened before,” she told the talk show host.

When she did finally come home, Graham noticed “more piles” around the house and that Krause and his son from a previous marriage had “really bonded.”

She said the bonding “was fantastic,” but that it left her feeling like the odd man out.

“Like, it was more that they were the married couple,” she said.

You can see Graham discuss her relationship with Krause in this 2016 HuffPost Live interview below.

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