Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Children’s safety is not their concern

She’s right.

Welcome back to another Friday! Remember how all of those children and all of those Black folks were murdered with legal high-powered weapons over the past couple of weeks? Remember how the Republican Party jumped past thoughts and prayers and into saying everything is political and something about how we didn’t ban planes after 9/11? Those Senate Republicans are now scuttling the compromised gun safety bill that they agreed to. Yes. It didn’t even take months for them to drop the charade that they care one iota about American children or doing anything to stem the public health crisis of gun violence almost exclusively experienced by Americans.

Not to be one-upped by his political party, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made it even clearer how anti-science and anti-children’s health he was this week. He declared that young children and parents will have fewer resources available to them to make decisions about their health.

The Jan. 6 committee has continued its work to expose the conspiracy to overthrow our government by tossing out millions of Americans’ votes. Will the Department of Justice act? That remains to be seen, but the evidence is piling up.

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