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How upskilling can help non-engineering students to grab the new age tech jobs

Upskilling has been in the trend since a decade and is gaining more popularity post pandemic. Learning new skill sets is the demand of the 21st century. With the advancement in technology, demand for the skilled workforce in the tech industry has also increased. Upskilling is the key that will aid workforces in generating productivity, innovation, and growth. The outbreak of pandemic has also accelerated the growth of upskilling among freshers and industry professionals. India is a hub of engineers and is producing a million engineers every year. There are many companies which are ready to offer jobs to non-engineering students, if they have the  required skill sets. The tech industry is experiencing a huge skill gap as many job applicants do not hold the required work-related knowledge. 

This is where upskilling is enabling students to get a well-paid job in the tech industry,  irrespective of their educational degree or background. 

Jobs Roles for Non-Engineering Students

The tech industry in India hires around 5% of students every year, who are from non-engineering backgrounds. These freshers are hired for various non-tech job roles such as Industry Executives, HR, and Project Assistants. The IT companies in the country are looking ahead to escalate the hiring of non-engineering graduates to tackle the shortage of talents in the industry. With the change in business model and increase in opportunities, the companies are expected to double the intake of such graduates and train them for work as per the necessity. The Indian IT industry is planning to hire around 1,50,000 to 2,00,000 freshers in the ongoing fiscal year. In 2021, Infosys hired around 20% of freshers with non-engineering degrees. These freshers come from diverse backgrounds such as liberal arts, finance, and designs. Infosys is working on upskilling these fresh employees to create a talent that will meet the company’s future needs easily. 

Role of Upskilling in Creating New Tech Talents

Upskilling is an effective way to create an efficient talent pipeline. It has become a top priority among people who are seeking a job in the tech industry. As the demand for tech talent continues, many companies are moving towards applicants who have done any upskilling course in the related space. Edtech platforms that are providing upskilling courses, also offer real-time industry experience to its learners. Here, learners get an opportunity to work with industry leaders and learn things under their guidance. Freshers with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, and Finance are also preferred in the IT industry. Graduates with these degrees can be upskilled to meet job requirements such as Business Analysts, Statisticians, Cybersecurity Experts, and Data Scientists. Big tech companies literally do not care about an applicants’ educational degree. The only thing which they look for in an applicant is where he/she would be able to fulfil the job roles efficiently and prove to be an asset for the organisation. There are many fast-growing startups who are now employing non-engineering graduates in their organisations. 

The demand for upskilling has risen to 200% in the past couple of years. Currently, the ed-tech industry size in the country is USD 3.5 billion and is projected to grow with a CAGR of 35-40% in the coming four years. The tech-based upskilling has become vital to grow exponentially in a career path with the advancement of technology. Many non-engineering graduates have secured a job with 40-45% pay hikes within a year of their upskilling. Therefore, upskilling has become a basic necessity to stay afoot in the constantly changing work ecosystem across the globe and experience career growth at a new height. 

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