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Why Several Websites Started Showing ‘Error 500’ Suddenly?

Many popular websites started showing ‘Error 500’ suddenly. All such websites including Discord, Amazon’s AWS, Shopify & Coinbase were connected with Cloudflare.

Error 500 was now affecting a sizable portion of the Internet, and many websites, programs, and games are having trouble loading.

These services include well-known games like League of Legends, Minecraft, and Valorant, as well as Discord, Amazon Web Services, Shopify, and Coinbase.

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All these services are supported by the content delivery network Cloudflare, which has been identified as the source of the websites’ issues.

What is 500 Internal Server Error?

When a web server has issues, users who are browsing the internet encounter the 500 internal server error.

When there is a server issue that cannot be attributed to a particular error and the root cause of the issue is unknown, Error 500 is presented. It can be caused by a variety of server-related issues, which is why fixing it is difficult.

Errors Displays On Screens

When a website encounters a 500 internal server error, viewers frequently see the issuer’s name and the message “Oops, something was wrong.”

To display this problem on the screen, many websites use various techniques.

Other warnings that could appear on the screen are 

“HTTP 500 – Internal Server Error,” “Temporary Error (500),” “HTTP 500 Internal Error,” “500 Error,” and “HTTP Error 500.”

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A Temporary But Worldwide Issue

The 500 internal server problem is frequently resolved by just refreshing the website. On top of that, you can try a few other times to visit the website.

It may be sufficient to clear the browser’s cookies or even to troubleshoot a 504 gateway timeout issue.

After attempting each technique, if the error is still present, you will need to wait for the server side to solve it.

What is Cloudflare?

One of the biggest Internet networks in the world, Cloudflare, has been held responsible for the present outage.

The content delivery network Cloudflare connects to millions of websites and online services.

This corporation serves website content to users through its network, which includes data centers in over 270 cities worldwide. Currently, the outage is being fixed by the company.

Cloudflare Explained The Issue

According to Cloudflare, when you requested a website in the initial days of the Internet, the computer sent the request to the server, which then loaded the web page.

Keep Reading

When many queries arrived at once, the server failed or stopped responding. To prevent these issues, businesses like Cloudflare were founded.

The business reported that a serious P0 issue was seen in its services and that it had an impact on network connectivity.

All Errors Are Being Fixed

The Cloudflare squad is attempting to restore service at this time. The corporation claims that it has been substantially corrected, and users will soon start receiving its data and websites will resume loading as previously.

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