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AFTER HOURS: Ipsita Das, Managing Director, Moët Hennessy India

The Job

There IS MUCH that I love about my job: my team that brings their head, heart and soul to work; and the autonomy and empowerment that the organisation bestows on us with the ability to think ‘glocal’ and innovate. When it comes to luxury as an industry, I am glad to see Indian consumers seeking premium and luxury goods. With incomes rising and a large part of the population consisting of millennials and GenZ, we see aspiration driving the luxury business in India. And, when it comes to the wines and spirits industry—it is reinventing itself, and is ever-changing. Alcohol e-business became a reality during the pandemic. I am glad I am in this industry at a time when there is a lot of disruption happening, innovation is at the forefront, and I get to participate in it.

The Weekdays

Weekdays are ROUTINE driven. It starts off spending quality time with my four-year-old every morning, mostly playing with Lego, before I head off to work. Work is a mix of internal and external meetings, and a lot of firefighting! I prefer to work from office on most days. I am usually home by evening to have dinner with my family, and read a bedtime story to my kid, both of which is like a ritual to us.Given how dynamic the industry is, we have to continuous invent and reinvent ourselves. In order to recharge myself, I walk around the office, chat with my teams, get myself up to speed on what’s happening beyond business numbers. But on the days I am by myself, a Rubik’s Cube works as a good stress buster.

The Weekend

Weekend is all about family and friends. Most Friday evenings, we invite friends over for drinks or dinner. We have a Saturday morning family tradition of breakfast at one of the South Indian cafés in Matunga. Also, since my husband and I  love travelling, we go out for short drives in and around Mumbai. And if it’s a long weekend, we go out of Mumbai.

The Toys

I am not big on gadgets. I like to keep myself updated with the latest versions, but that’s it. But I am crazy about Lego—it might not count as a gadget, but may count as a toy. I am a Lego hoarder, and I have my eyes on the LEGO App-controlled Rally car and aim to get my hands on it next.

The Logos

Well, it’s a spectrum. For my work wear which is often sarees, I am not brand focus-sed at all. My western and fusion wear is a lot of Ritu Kumar. I am quite brand-loyal when it comes to accessories—Louis Vuitton for bags, Dior perfumes, the list goes on. I recently visited the Dior museum in Paris, and was in awe of some of the fashion wear designed by the Dior Maison.

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