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On Tuesday, a viral video of a customer reviewing Jayda Cheave’s merch line, “Wayda Min,” went viral. While expressing her love for Jayda, the customer shared her disappointment with the merchandise.

According to the customer, who alleges she spent more than $140 on the merchandise, the outfit wasn’t long enough. The customer also pointed out that you could still see the iron on transfer mark in the jacket.

The customer also spoke about the pockets and the material of the attire that she bought from the new merch line.

Once the video went viral, Jayda Cheaves posted on her IG story and stated, “The route y’all go to tear a business down is beyond me. But it’s cool. The good most definitely outweigh[s] the bad,” she also expressed.

 “And most of my customers are 100% satisfied & speak very highly of the quality we offer. Everything is not for everybody & I sell exactly what I’ve been promoting since the first time I mentioned my new line.”

Jayda continued, “I’m loving all the feedback and taking you guys constructive criticism.”

Jayda ended the message with, “New drop coming soon! We’re only getting better[.] WAYDAMIN.”

Jayda also mentioned the customer never emailed her, but the customer disputed that claim. She placed a copy of an alleged email sent to Jayda’s team, explaining her disappointment about the clothes she received.

The customer also proved an update stating, “they contacted me I am not able to return it so I guess this was an exception to the no return policy.”

A few Roomies commented about the situation and stated, “Girl! We tear Kylie down to make room for you. Don’t PHUCK up the lane now…own that shat and fix it!”

Another person wrote, “Babe she spent her money & supported you, it missed the Mark. Reach out & fix it, this ain’t it love.”

One person also said, “Girl we still love you.”

Good to see Jayda’s team was able to satisfy the customer. 

What are your thoughts on this?

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