Amit Shah takes dig at Manmohan, says Modi has enhanced value of Indian passport


Addressing BJP workers in Taleigaon, Union minister Amit Shah mentioned former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh more than once in his speech.

“During the Congress government, it was such a coalition that it was laughable…each minister considered themselves the Prime Minister but no one thought of the helpless PM as the Prime Minister,” Shah said.

The Union minister said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was responsible for enhancing the value of the Indian passport. “Now when you show the Indian passport, foreign officials smile and ask if you have come from the country of Modi… Modi has done this job of enhancing the value of the Indian passport. Atal-ji left

India at number 11. It didn’t even climb one position in the Congress government. Manmohan-ji ke svabhaav ke anusar (In tune with Manmohan’s nature)…with Modi’s
arrival it was either at number five or number six),” Shah said.

The minister said that under Modi’s leadership, the government had given a fitting reply to those trying to infiltrate the Indian border. “It happened earlier during Manmohan Singh-ji’s tenure too. There would be no answer from the government.”

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