Chuck Schumer Goes Off On The Senate Floor And Calls Trump Despicable In Passionate Defense Of Voting Rights


Senate Majority Leader Schumer got emotional on the Senate floor as he discussed voting rights and Trump and the GOP’s destruction of democracy.


Schumer said:

 He lied over and over and over again. Donald Trump lied over and over and over again. Poisoning our democracy, lighting a fire beneath Republican state legislatures who immediately launched the most sweeping voter suppression effort in at least 80 years. Just a note, how despicable a man is Donald Trump. He lost an election legitimately. 

He cannot face that, that it was his failure, and he creates a lie, a big lie. And wins so many people over to that light with the help of news media and other commentators who are lying as well. Again, Donald Trump, with his despicable lies, has a fire any Republican state legislatures, and they have launched the most sweeping voter suppression efforts in at least 80 years. 

More than 250 bills and 43 states were introduced just between the months of January and February that would restrict the right to vote. Do you want to know how many were introduced during a similar period of time last year? The year before, Donald Trump was telling this big lie? 35. 35 and 2020, more than 250 in 2021.

Today, in June, there have been nearly 400 bills introduced. The only thing that changed between 2020, and 2021, was Donald Trump’s big lie about massive fraud. And now, in states like Georgia and Iowa and Florida and Montana, these proposals are becoming law under the vicious guise of election integrity.

Leader Schumer was correct. The surge in voter suppression laws from Republican states is being driven by Trump’s big lie, and the only way to stop the assault on voting rights is to act at the federal level.

Tomorrow’s vote is the first step in a complicated dance that hopefully results in voting rights being expanded and protected for all.



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